Officially Booked!

Yesterday, I officially made my first campground reservation. It's very exciting. Now. Let me first admit that the campground I booked is the Disney Fort Wildnerness Campground and I also purchased a WDW ticket package. So, the first place I committed myself to being is Walt Disney World. It sounds much less tough and rugged and solo-lady-traveler-in-a camper-van-exploring-the-entire-country when I admit that. However, I also have to admit that I really love Disney World. My family went there several times when I was young (and I went there with my entire blended family on our first all-together vacation in, like, 2006 or 2007). That was my last trip there. More than a decade later, I am kinda pumped to visit again. I've already made reservations at my favorite restaurants.

Two things I'm wondering: 1) What will it be like to visit WDW on my own? 2) What will it be like to camp at WDW? Mostly, I am curious about the solo experience of WDW. In October, I imagine that getting into the solo rider line will guarantee me quick access to a lot of rides that normally require long waits. Also, I can do only exactly what I want to do. No being forced to avoid the Enchanted Tiki Room because everyone else thinks it's boring! I can ride through the Haunted Mansion a couple of times if I want to! That being said, if anyone wants to join me at Disney, I'd be super happy to have a companion.

Having made this particular commitment, I am beginning to feel like it's more real. The biggest hurdle I have right now, though, is finding my vehicle. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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