I'm officially no longer employed. Basically. Well, it's sort of complicated because I still have income and I still have health insurance and basically I am getting all the benefits of having a job without having to show up to work anymore so I am a real, true brat.

A little while ago, my friend K gave notice at her old job and took two weeks off before she started her new job. While she was at home, she called herself "funemployed" and I really loved that. Then, I was flipping through Instagram shortly after that and saw this t-shirt on the Studio DIY feed. I ordered one for myself from them and I've decided to steal K's intellectual property and I'm going to refer to myself as "funemployed" during the upcoming year.

Now that I don't have to go to work anymore, I am feeling a bit more pressure to get my shit together. I need a vehicle and more than just one campground reservation and some practical experience with a camper van and on and on. Also, I am having some existential anxiety about the state of the world (as always) and some mundane anxiety about leaving my full-time job to do this thing which still feels sort of frivolous and unimportant.

Here's what I do have done so far:

1) a home for my dog, Birdie (she's going to stay long-term at a boarding facility where she'll be loved on regularly and get to hang with other dogs every day and where my parents can look in on her easily).

2) a reservation at Walt Disney World (mid-October, three nights and two days of actual park visits).

3) I'm actively downsizing my stuff (I had a yard sale, I gave several things away, this is a work in progress but it is progressing).

Perhaps not as much as I'd have hoped at this point, but forward motion is forward motion and I have to give myself some credit for getting everything out of my desk at work and having my yard sale and managing all my weird anxiety/depression/queasiness. Exciting things are coming up. I hope you'll stick around!

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