And Away We Go...

My travels have officially begun! After more than a year of planning and researching and fretting and saving and downsizing and analyzing and budgeting and buying, I'm finally on the road.

I started with a couple of days in St. Augustine. I'd never been and I'd always wanted to see the historic city. Because it is prime snowbird transition time, all campgrounds were booked. So, I started in a hotel. Not exactly what I'd planned for my first few nights on the road, but it wasn't bad, either.

Since St. Augustine, I spent four days in Daytona at a campground...and that's where I had to come to terms with just what the hell I'm doing. I watched the entire run of BoJack Horseman (it's so great but also a huge bummer). I lounged by the pool and read a book. I drove into Daytona and bought some candy at a chocolate factory. Generally, I was bored and restless.

From the start, I told myself that I needed to create a schedule for myself and stick to it. But, I didn't actually ever create that schedule...and I didn't exactly have anything I wanted to see or do in Daytona. I felt itchy, restless, sad, and generally sort of miserable. It's something that's bound to happen to me every now and then on this trip. I'm glad I had to deal with it so early on (frankly, I booked that campground just trying to fill days until Disney...I don't know that I would have necessarily chosen to stay in Florida all this time otherwise).

What I've taught myself so far is how to pack up my camper quickly to drive myself

somewhere when hanging at the campground is no longer very appealing. Now that I've moved to the next place, I'm doing that often. I'm a pro at stashing stuff away and gettin' outta there!

I've been dreaming of this "year off" for a long time. Truth is, though, that I'm not entirely sure what to do with myself all of the time. I'm writing some. I'm reading some. I'm watching TV. But, what else? For now, I'm still figuring that out. Eventually, I'll have places to go and things to see. Until then, though, I'm hanging in until Disney (2 days and 23 hours!) and reading all the books I've been putting off for months!

Best stuff I've seen so far:

1) Fountain of Youth

2) A1A from St. Augustine to Daytona (so pretty)

3) The campers at my current campground who are pissed that the hot tub isn't working (even though it is, daily, well past 90 degrees outside)

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