One Month In

Last week, I made my way back to my dad's house. It had been just under a month since I left there to begin my road trip. I'd known, even before I left the last time, that I'd be back. I am having my van fitted with a spare tire holder, I wanted to vote, I am attending a wedding in Atlanta, and I hope to meet my brand new baby niece when she arrives early next month. So, I have some business to attend to.

So far on my journey, I've been to St. Augustine, Daytona, Melbourne Beach, Orlando (Disney, of course), Lakeland, and Jekyll Island. My campsites varied from swanky vacation places to less glamorous patches of grass. Personal triumphs included repairing the door of the van's refrigerator when its bolt came loose and the door fell off, seeing Bok Tower Gardens (part of my original list of places to see/things to do), and riding The Haunted Mansion ride at the Magic Kingdom (it's always been my very favorite).

I made friends with a trio of mini dachshunds, had my hair cut and colored by a lovely lady who also had some amazing platinum hair, chatted with several people who wanted to know about my van, and even met a woman from Sharpsburg, MD while waiting in line to enter Walt Disney World. My friend and I made a point of riding the "it's a small

world" ride at Disney and I guess I agree: it is!

Some of what I've learned during this past month of travel is that I hate to be "stuck" in one place too long, I need a wifi hotspot to guarantee connectivity, I am capable of backing the van into almost any weirdly-shaped space, I love the smell of campfires at night (I guess I already knew that...but, it's nice to have it confirmed), and I honestly can't wait to see more. I have learned to keep messes in check and to carefully pack things away each morning before I start the day. I've learned how to easily get to a distant restroom in the middle of the night. I've figured out how to cook without an oven and how to make sure your hot pot gets really clean after cooking macaroni. Mostly, though, I guess I've learned that I not only can do this trip, but I really do want to.

When all of my baby visiting time has ended, I'll be heading in a westward direction (think Alabama). My goal is to reach Texas by Christmas time (where there should be another baby who wants visiting). In the meantime, I'll be exploring a bit more around Bluffton. On Saturday, I made a trip to Charleston to have my computer checked at the Genius Bar and eat some pretty incredible biscuits at Millers All Day. On Sunday, I treated myself to a matinee of Kubrick's The Shining in Savannah. I'd never seen it on the big screen and it was definitely worth it. I still hope to make it out to Daufuskie Island before too long.

And, anyway, I've got an important wedding and an important baby for which to plan.

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